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Geneva and Coppet

Discover our payment terminals in our shops.

Business hours

Monday Closed (Coppet is open)
Tuesday 9h-13h / 14h-18h
Wednesday 9h-13h / 14h-18h
Thursday 9h-13h / 14h-18h
Friday 9h-13h / 14h-18h
Saturday 9h-13h / 14h-18h
Sunday Closed


9 Place de la Gare
1296 Coppet

Business hours

Monday 9h-12h / 13h-18h
Tuesday 9h-12h / 13h-18h
Wednesday 9h-12h / 13h-18h
Thursday 9h-12h / 13h-18h
Friday 9h-12h / 13h-18h
Saturday Closed (Geneva is open)
Sunday Closed
BeCash Coppet (VD)
BeCash Coppet (VD)

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