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1 x myPOS Combo

The myPOS Combo is a mobile payment terminal that allows you to cash out your customers anywhere with ease. It is ideal for all types of business activities.   The terminal has an integrated printer, providing a paper receipt to your customers. It connects via Wi-Fi + Bluetooth + 3G (see description for more details).   Note: You may want to add paper rolls to your cart (only one test paper roll is included).
CHF 15,00

1 x Protective case - myPOS Combo

Protective case for the myPOS Combo, available in several colors. Ideal for increased protection of your payment terminal.
CHF 49,00

1 x Charging station myPOS Combo

Charging station for the myPOS Combo payment terminal (only). Ideal for shops, just drop the payment terminal on it to start charging.
CHF 30,00

1 x 20 paper rolls

Thermal paper rolls suitable for all the myPOS payment terminals that have a printer.


The Pack Shop combines a payment terminal myPOS Combo (integrated printer) + 20 paper rolls + a protective case +a dock station + a free Data SIM card.

The payment terminal has 3 connexions: WiFi + Bluetooth + 3G

Ideal for any type of business activity.


Shipment includes

  • a payment terminal myPOS Combo (battery included)
  • a free DATA SIM card, unlimited in Europe & Switzerland
  • a Business Prepaid VISA card
  • a dock station
  • 20 paper rolls
  • a charger 220V
  • user guides (FR/DE/IT)
  • stickers showing accepted credit cards

Summary of the terms and conditions

  • Transaction fee from 1.5% (debit card) to 2.5% (credit card)*
  • Money is credited instantly
  • No monthly fee, no subscription
  • Highest Security (EMW, PCI certified terminals)
  • Accepted credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, V-Pay, AMEX*, Bancontact, JCB, UnionPay, Apple Pay, Android Pay
  • Free e-Commerce plugin


*Transaction costs presented above are valid for companies registered in Switzerland and are based on national cards from Swiss and European customers, confirmed by PIN. AMEX is processed at 3%. For more details about transaction costs, please refer to our FAQ ( or to the terms and conditions from myPOS. For companies based in the European Union, a different rate applies (i.e.: France 2.5%). Contact us directly for more information at

Additional information

Weight 2200 g
Dimensions 121 × 72 × 22.5 mm

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