PME In Switzerland, one out of every two payments is made using a credit or debit card. However, it still very often appears that many traders, artisans, taxis and other small entrepreneurs are unable to afford an “electronic shoe” to cash the amount of their benefit. This must be paid in cash or by invoice. This entails loss of time and constraint.

With this in mind, Be-Cash, founded in May 2014 by Malik Khalfi and Bertrand Vermorel, wanted to revolutionize this sector in Switzerland. It has launched payment terminals accessible to everyone. “We are ten times cheaper than our competitors, with an entry level of 99 francs,” says Malik Khalfi, who adds: “The money is immediately credited to the merchant, who no longer needs to wait two days for receive your money.“Another advantage? A Prepaid MasterCard Business linked to the merchant account is available for every terminal purchase. “With our myPOS devices, SMEs and independents can finally collect their customers’ payments everywhere and at a lower cost,” concludes the entrepreneur, who is also a blogger on