Since 21 June 2017, myPOS offers all its customers a free unlimited SIM card valid throughout Switzerland and Europe *. Merchants can now equip their myPOS payment terminal and connect to the best available mobile network wherever they are, for free. A substantial savings of up to 760 .- / year and by SIM card!

Having come to shake up a dormant market for more than 20 years, myPOS has been offering payment terminals for sale since 129.- HT, without subscription or fixed fees, and most importantly, credits money directly (while the average price in Switzerland for a payment terminal is still CHF 2’000.- and the money credited to the week see the month).

MyPOS customers already appreciated the many services available, they will now be able to count on a free internet connection at any time and in any place *.

Here is a comparison table of the 3 main operators in Switzerland offering a Data Suisse + Europe SIM card (with and without mobile subscription).

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Thanks to its innovative services, myPOS has already attracted over 30,000 retailers in 18 European countries.

Be-Cash SA, based in Coppet (VD), distributes myPOS payment terminals throughout Switzerland and has thousands of customers. Summary of benefits:

  • Payment terminal on sale from CHF 129.- HT
  • subscription, no fixed fees
  • Free installation, simple and fast
  • Money credited immediately
  • Up to 10 free Business MasterCard
  • Unlimited myPOS Data SIM card in Switzerland and Europe included
  • Remote checkout by SMS, e-mail and internet (free module)

“MyPOS: the ideal solution for freelancers, SMEs, associations and traders.”

** Rates without subscription: no mobile subscription is subscribed. Only DATA data.
** Rates cumulated with a mobile subscription: the cost of the mobile subscription does not appear in the table and must be added in addition. Minimum 60 .- / month at Swisscom, 20 .- / month at Sunrise, 19.95 .- / month at Salt. Subject to changes in operators and promotional offers – conditions noted on 20.06.2017

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