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Why are terminals so cheap?

While providing payment terminals at the cutting edge of technology and security, it is a will of Be-Cash and myPOS partner to offer the opportunity to as many people as possible to accept card payments at a lower cost. .

Money is credited instantly?

Yes! As soon as a customer pays you, the money is immediately credited and available on your myPOS account. You can also access the money using the prepaid VISA Business card provided with the payment terminal.

Which cards are accepted?

VISA, MasterCard, AMEX*, Maestro, V-Pay, JCB, Union Pay, Bancontact, Apple Pay, Android Pay


*accepting AMEX cards is subject to validation by myPOS, depending on your area of activity and other criteria imposed by card issuers. For more information, please write to contact@be-cash.ch or help.ch@mypos.com

Is the PostCard accepted?

The PostCard is currently not accepted, however, PostFinance MasterCard and VISA are accepted.

Merchants who use the myPOS payment terminals are unanimous about the PostCard: “the +18 years old have 95% of the time another bank card that allows them to pay” (Maestro or PostFinance card).

Example of accepted PostFinance cards:

Bandeau-PostFinance-300x56 FAQ

Prepaid VISA Business Card

This card is free and linked to your myPOS account. You immediately have funds collected, either through your myPOS account or by using the prepaid VISA Business card.

mypos-visa-panbis-300x189 FAQ

Transaction fees

The transaction fees are 1.5% for debit cards * and 2.5% for Swiss and European credit cards. The fees for American Express (AMEX) are 3%. These commissions can be reduced from CHF 120,000 in turnover per card per year.

This information is provided for information purposes only and is subject to change at any time. Refer to myPOS’s general terms and conditions for more details (access from myPOS account).

* minimum 25cts per transaction for Maestro debit cards and 75cts for V-Pay cards

Pay without contact (NFC)?

Yes it’s possible. All our payment terminals are equipped with contactless (NFC).

What is included with the purchase of a terminal?

A payment terminal, a prepaid VISA Business card (accepted worldwide), a myPOS electronic bank account, a charger as well as a charging cable, a user guide and a test paper roll with models that include a built-in printer (plan to buy extra rolls when ordering).

The banking partner

The myPOS solution and the online payment platform are promoted and operated by myPOS Europe Ltd, London. Financial services and accounts for countries within the EEA are provided by a bank or financial institution authorized to issue electronic money.

Transfer money to your bank account

You can at any time transfer money from your myPOS account to your bank account. The fixed fee for a transfer to an account in Switzerland is CHF 4.- (mode to be selected: SHA). For transfers within the European Union or abroad, please refer to the general conditions accessible from your myPOS account under Price.

What is the level of security?

MyPOS terminals benefit from the highest certifications in the field of payment terminals. They are certified EMV, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Is there a guarantee for the terminal?

MyPOS payment terminals are warranted for 1 year for any manufacturing defect or defect for which myPOS Europe Ltd is responsible. Refer to the accessible terms and conditions for more details.

Pay with a magnetic stripe card

Yes, it is possible on the myPOS terminals. They are equipped with a magnetic track for reading. However, it is important to note that only cards with a PIN code are accepted, unlike cards against signature.


Can I use Magento, WooCommerce or Prestashop with myPOS?

Yes, it’s very simple.

Register through this link: https://mypos.eu/en/enroll/ref:121

Once the myPOS account is open, access all the information or pass it on to your IT specialist.

Installation guides for PrestaShop, WooCommerce … etc: https://developers.mypos.eu/en/doc/ecommerce_platforms/v1_0/

Guide for integrating an API: https://developers.mypos.eu/en/doc/accept_payments/v1_4/

For technical questions, please contact online@mypos.com and for general inquiries, we are at contact@be-cash.ch

Am I required to purchase a payment terminal to use your eCommerce solution?

No, you can very well use only the online payment solution.

To do this, register now through this link and you will be able in a few minutes to accept remote payments (SMS, email and internet): https://mypos.eu/en/enroll/ref:121

For any questions, contact us by email at contact@be-cash.ch


How to activate my payment terminal?

Click on the following link to start the procedure: https://mypos.eu/en/

Once the procedure is complete, you will be able to configure your payment terminal, order prepaid cards or even install an eCommerce solution on your website (free module).

Questions about your financial transactions - Contact myPOS

For any questions related to your myPOS account (financial transactions, VISA card, account usage limits … etc), please contact our myPOS partner directly by email or phone.

Email: help.ch@mypos.com (you can send us a copy at contact@be-cash.ch)
Phone: +41 44 508 3339

Get a PIN for my VISA Business card

In order to get the PIN code of your prepaid card (VISA or MasterCard), send a SMS to the number +359 88 6 17 00 11 from the mobile phone whose number is registered on the myPOS account with the text: mypos [space] the last 6 digits of your card (example: mypos 654321).

You will then receive the PIN code of your card by SMS.

Important: Only activated cards can receive a new PIN. Log in to your myPOS account and click on the “Cards” tab to make sure your card appears. Otherwise, just activate it.

Free SIM card

All myPOS payment terminals are equipped with a free unlimited SIM card for all of Switzerland and all of Europe.

It is important to select the “myPOS Data Card” connection in the connection menu (not SIM card)

IPhone connection sharing

Connect your payment terminal in WiFi with your phone.

Here is the procedure for iPhone to use connection sharing: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204023

Pair (connect) a terminal with a mobile phone via Bluetooth

Make sure your mobile phone is in “visible” mode. If the device does not detect your phone, restart your phone and device.

P.s .: Avoid accents or special characters for your phone’s name.

Important: For now, only Android users can use the Bluetooth connection. A new application will soon be available on iPhone, in the meantime, users can perform a Connection Sharing (click here for more details)

Cancel the last transaction

The last transaction can be canceled as follows:

Important: activate this function from your myPOS account, because by default, the cancellation and refund are blocked to prevent mishandling.

MyPOS Mini models
F1 then the “Last trans. canceled ”

MyPOS Combo model
MENU (above the 3 key) then the “Last trans. canceled”

Refund a customer

A customer can be refunded, provided to present the card used during the initial purchase. This operation is subject to fees for the merchant.

Important: activate this function from your myPOS account, because by default, the cancellation and refund are blocked to prevent mishandling.

MyPOS Mini models
F1 then the “Refund” key

MyPOS Combo model
MENU (above the 3 key) then the “Refund” key

Software updates on myPOS terminals

Updates are free and appear automatically when you turn on your device. You can also perform a Manual Update Search from the device by going to the Features menu and clicking “Software Update”.

Get a summary of transactions

You easily access a summary of transactions. Online on your myPOS account (www.mypos.eu) or from your payment terminal as follows:

MyPOS Mini models
2x F1 then the “REPORTS RECON” key

MyPOS Combo model
MENU (above the 3 key), then “middle arrow”, then “RECON REPORTS”

Provide a receipt with the myPOS Mini terminal?

Once the transaction is over, you can send a receipt to your customers by SMS (free) or by email. Either directly from the terminal, from your myPOS account online or with the myPOS app (iOS & Android).

If you have not found an answer to your question, please contact us:


Nous sommes actuellement occupés, toutefois, laissez-nous un message et nous prendrons contact avec vous très rapidement.

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