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Most frequent questions and answers

While providing payment terminals at the cutting edge of technology and security, it is a will of Be-Cash and myPOS partner to offer the opportunity to as many people as possible to accept card payments at lower cost. .

Yes! As soon as a customer pays you, the money is immediately credited and available on your myPOS account. You can also access the money by using the prepaid VISA Business card provided with the payment terminal.

VISA, MasterCard, AMEX *, Maestro, V-Pay, JCB, Union Pay, Bancontact, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Lunch-Check **

* accept AMEX cards is subject to validation by myPOS, depending on your area of ​​activity and other criteria imposed by card issuers. For more information, please contact  or

**Lunch-Check cards can only be accepted on myPOS Smart et myPOS N5. A registration with Lunch-Check is required. Tel. +41 (0)21 966 80 99 et

The PostCard is currently not accepted, however, PostFinance MasterCard and VISA are accepted.

Merchants who use the myPOS payment terminals are unanimous about the PostCard: “the +18 years old have 95% of the time another bank card that allows them to pay” (Maestro or PostFinance card).

Example of accepted PostFinance cards:

Bandeau-PostFinance-300x56 FAQ

Yes, the Lunch-Check card can be accepted with the myPOS Smart and myPOS N5 terminals. A registration with Lunch-Check is required.

For more information:
Tel. +41 21 966 80 99

This card is free and linked to your myPOS account. You immediately have funds collected, either through your myPOS account or by using the prepaid VISA Business card.
mypos-visa-panbis-300x189 FAQ

The transaction fees are 1.5% for debit cards * and 2.5% for Swiss and European credit cards. The fees for American Express (AMEX) are 3%. These commissions can be reduced from CHF 120,000 in turnover per card per year.

This information is provided for information purposes only and is subject to change at any time. Refer to myPOS’s general terms and conditions for more details (access from myPOS account).

* minimum 25cts per transaction for Maestro debit cards and 75cts for V-Pay cards

Yes it’s possible. All our payment terminals are equipped with contactless (NFC).

A payment terminal, a prepaid VISA Business card (accepted worldwide), a myPOS electronic bank account, a charger as well as a charging cable, a user guide and a test paper roll with models that include a built-in printer (plan to buy extra rolls when ordering).

The myPOS solution and the online payment platform are promoted and operated by myPOS Europe Ltd, London. Financial services and accounts for countries within the EEA are provided by a bank or financial institution authorized to issue electronic money.

You can at any time transfer money from your myPOS account to your bank account. The fixed fee for a transfer to an account in Switzerland is CHF 4.- (mode to be selected: SHA). For transfers within the European Union or abroad, please refer to the general conditions accessible from your myPOS account under Price.

MyPOS terminals benefit from the highest certifications in the field of payment terminals. They are certified EMV, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

MyPOS payment terminals are warranted for 1 year for any manufacturing defect or defect for which myPOS Europe Ltd is responsible. Refer to the accessible terms and conditions for more details.

Yes, it is possible on the myPOS terminals. They are equipped with a magnetic track for reading. However, it is important to note that only cards with a PIN code are accepted, unlike cards against signature.

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