To increase your sales, or to reduce unpaid bills, traders are constantly seeking payment solutions. The payment terminals are now an essential arsenal that allows you to be paid in a faster and easier way.

While some payment terminals still CHF. 2’000.- are sold on average (annual subscription additional), have seen much more accessible solutions in the last few years the day. Two of them are compared in this article: myPOS & SumUp



SumUp registers itself in the generation of “auxiliary housing”. A solution that is 100 percent dependent on a cell phone or tablet, where all amounts must be entered. SumUp is also connected to an external bank, which creates money transfer deadlines (5-9 days waiting time).

The +
Small size
The price

The –
Money transferred in 5-9 days
No integrated paper note
Does not work alone
Does not work abroad



myPOS proposes a complete and professional solution. At the technological level, a payment terminal is 100% independent and secured. No mobile phone is needed to use the payment terminal myPOS. In addition, every transaction is credited immediately and a MasterCard Business is offered. In addition, each customer benefits from a complete eCommerce solution that allows him to be paid on his Internet site via SMS or e-mail.

myPOS proposes several types of payment terminals (selling price without VAT):

  • the myPOS Mini with certificate par SMS / E-Mail CHF 129.-
  • the myPOS Mini Ice with certificate par SMS / E-Mail CHF 199.-
  • the myPOS combo, a very appreciated device with integrated printer from CHF 299.-
  • the myPOS Smart N5, combining a payment terminal and a cash register for CHF 389.- only

The +
The price
100% self-employed
the money is credited immediately
free MasterCard
Unlimited SIM card in Switzerland and Europe (free)
Customer service in Switzerland
Will be delivered in 2 days


Comparison Chart

**Data used for the SumUp comparison chart: Bank card 70 .- / year (Business Card Basic UBS proposed to the SMEs.) Can be used with a Maestro card 40 .- / year). Monthly and annual costs 260.- including: 80.- of annual bookkeeping (running account company UBS) + 15 .- / year Data data on the telephone contract. The 5-minute installation announced by SumUp precludes the opening of accounts for new companies that, on average, last 7 days to banks. Source:


Although similar, myPOS and SumUp are very different, both in technical terms and in price, as shown in the comparison table. What adds to the payment terminal myPOS, a free bank account, free bank cards, a SIM card unlimited throughout Europe, and a complete payment solution on the Internet, via e-mail or SMS, which allows traders to pay by distance.


Design – Ergonomics

myPOS proposes a self-contained and complete product. The myPOS Combo (with integrated printer) calms the customers. Once picked up, you realize that you are dealing with a payment terminal.


The size and shape of the auxiliary housing (type Calculator) push the habits and give many questions from the side of the customers. In addition, it is necessary to enter all amounts on another device type telephone (see photo)

SumUp (left) vs myPOS Mini (right)

SumUp (links) vs myPOS Combo (right – model with integrated printer)

SumUp must be used with another device (eg a smartphone)


Colored screens, bright and readable on the two models myPOS Mini and myPOS Combo.


Small screen black and white of 3 lines. All operations are done on a separate phone (not included in the sales price of the auxiliary housing)

color screen photos vs SumUp


Paper slip

Possibility to personalize the bill with its own logo. Can be changed on demand by the myPOS platform.


myPOS allows the logo and the bottom part of the bill to be used by the customer to configure



Sale, payment by distance, repayment, cancellation of the last payment, deposit, top-up, printing of the last note, return of the note by e-mail / SMS, ordering of free bank cards (up to 10), bank transfer, payment without contact (NFC), Cash on Internet … etc.

Refer to the SumUp website for a comprehensive list



Two keyboard types: tactile with 15 keys for the myPOS Mini and analog 18 keys for the myPOS Combo.

Keyboard tactile 13 Key



Several options to choose from, such as the charging station, the power outlet, the car charger, or the USB cable.

Recharging with battery (Pre-2017) or cable (Post-2017).



Free e-commerce module (WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento … etc) or shopping cart, available at no fixed cost. Payment request by e-mail and SMS included.



For more details about the myPOS solution, it is possible to write to or call +4122 776 08 07 or whatsapp message +4179 950 80 02.

The buildings of BeCash are located at 9 Place de la Gare, 1296 Coppet (VD), 1min walk from the station of Coppet. Be-Cash also participates in several events such as: Aligro, eCommerce Fair, Carrefour des créateurs, MedNat, Street Food Festival and many others (list of events on

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